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Somehow, this Bigelow offering escaped me for many years, but it finally emerged from hiding and surrendered to my tea-greedy clutches at a Denver-area hotel—and only then, because striking a huge deer at full speed east of town totaled my vehicle. After that ordeal, and stuck at the hotel amid 30 hours of cold rain until an insurance-paid rental car became available, some hot cinnamon tea was most welcomed. I also took a bag home to drink and review here.

Bigelow didn't skimp on the cinnamon. Indeed, and despite the reasonably robust aroma and flavor, a nice coating of the characteristic rusty colored powder decorated the inside of each wrapper. The cinnamon was far of more a sweet than hot variety, true to advertisement, and stood a little taller in dry and wet aroma, and flavor, than the base tea. That's a good thing. The black tea itself seemed rather flat and mundane...not offputting in any way, just ordinary. Still, whatever flavor the tea had was balanced (counterbalanced?) by the moderately strong cinnamon enough to make a pleasant cup from start to finish, with an aftertaste curiously stronger than the hot flavor.

Was it worth losing a vehicle to the biggest buck the Colorado State Patrol cop ever had seen in Kit Carson County? No. Absolutely not! Still, under the miserable circumstances, it was a small measure of calming and comfort.

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Plowboy wrote:
on May 30th, 2023

Did you get to keep the venison?

Tchuggin' Okie wrote:
on June 15th, 2023

If only! One of the patrolmen found the deer about an hour and a half later. Alas...out of season. :-)

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