Tea: Christmas Tea

A Flavored Black Tea from Whittard of Chelsea

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Brand:Whittard of Chelsea
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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I could write some verbose review of all manner of subtleties, nuances, tones, and flavors here, but:
1) This tea doesn't really have any; it's pleasant but straightforward in its presentation of black tea, orange and cloves, which makes it...
2) A slightly weaker (in taste and aroma) version of Constant Comment.

I like the Whittard Christmas tea, don't get me wrong. Teas of this ilk seldom fail for me, aroma- and flavor-wise. It just wouldn't be worth the trouble for me to specifically hunt down, here in heartland USA, outside the fact that it came in a variety pack. I'll finish the 5-bag sampler, since it is a nice drink. Still, I docked the "'value" hard on this, because at both US-store prices and the online rate (£7.00 for 25 bags, or $8.25 at current exchange rate), it's not particularly economical for a tea that's very much akin to (but not as strong as) the relatively inexpensive Bigelow counterpart in the U.S.

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