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A Flavored Black Tea from Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd

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Brand:Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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For those who enjoy both coconut and almond, this seasonal tea should be heavenly. Sweetened enough, it's like marzipan candy in a teacup. I'm not a big fan of nuts in general, with almond probably being the one I can tolerate best, so the tea likely rates lower for me than it could otherwise. Still, the good news for fans of flavored black tea is threefold here:

1. Real coconut bits (lots of them!), along with occasional, obvious almond shavings, mean the flavor is authentic. A prominent oil sheen from those ingredients floats to the top of the steeping tea (which brews up nice and dark) to affirm this.
2. The base tea isn't specified, except that it's a blend from Sri Lanka, India and China; however, it's fairly strong. It has to be to stand up to this much real flavoring. I haven't noticed any adverse effects from steeping too long (some of us are forgetful that way), except the tea gets really dark and dense-looking.
3. For coconut fans, the strong dry aroma and flavor, while "marzipan" in character, is more coconut than almond. I agree with the Murchie's website that this would be an ideal tea to blend with milk, given that coconut and almond are two of the top plant-milk types, but admittedly don't tend to do milk mixing much with any tea.

With the company based in Canada, the value for U.S. buyers will remain good as long as prices don't inflate exorbitantly, and the $CAD/$USD exchange rate remains favorable on the American side.

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