Review of Teepee Dreams

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Here's another box of this brand that I got overpriced at a Black Hills souvenir store. Like the others, the bags are both small and underfilled, docking the "value" category, despite this being a decent-tasting blend.

The dry-bag aroma came across as a disjointed melange of a lot of stuff, much akin to the "underside of the lawn mower" experience I've had with some other many-ingredient herbals from outlets like Yogi or Traditional Medicinals. Unlike them, however, the taste experience was rather different and better: a rather smooth beverage, mildly reminiscent of root beer but with mint involved, and a surprisingly buttery overtone that adds a savory element. I'm not sure where that comes from (maybe NATC uses a really good grade of chamomile akin to McCormick's?), but it's nice. I can recommend this tea on taste alone, if one can find it on clearance or on the (not too old) secondhand market. Since the bags don't contain much, one either can double up or steep extra long and squeeze out; I chose the latter.

I'm finishing the first cup right before going to bed, and after an overnight shift. Between the timing, the valerian and catnip in the tea, and my usual bedtime dose of melatonin, I seemingly should sleep like a cozy baby shortly. We shall see!

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