Review of Colombian Cacao Kisses Black Tea

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Disclaimer: I am trying this tea that has been in my cupboard for many years, possibly up to 10, so this rating may not be a completely accurate representation of what this tea would be like fresh. Black tea often mellows with age and loses aroma, and I would say this tea is certainly mellow but yet I still like it. It is a nice comforting cup of black tea; it has no distasteful qualities and I am able to enjoy the drink. Unfortunately, the cacao flavor doesn't come through very much like advertised so I was a bit disappointed about that. I've actually had some non flavored pure black teas that seem to have more of a chocolatey taste than this one which literally has some cacao husks and nibs in it. Also, the aroma when brewed is very weak in this tea, hence the low aroma rating. This tea is still sold today and looking at the price it seems just a tad bit too expensive to me given how the taste didn't seem all that special to me. I would buy this again out of curiosity if it would be much better fresh, however it is not a priority to me.

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