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A Chai / Spiced Tea from Stash Tea

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Brand:Stash Tea
Style:Chai / Spiced Tea
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Here's another tea that has been around a long time, but somehow, I haven't tried nor reviewed it until now! A restaurant in Minnesota served this tea on good water, and I got a second bag to take home and chug as well.

Both times, the impression I got was: this is a pleasantly good, herb-dusted cinnamon infusion, with modest base tea that might not be noticed at all were it omitted. If this were packaged as "Cinnamon Herb," I'd rate it higher, because it would be a quite good example thereof. As the chai that's advertised, however, it's markedly imbalanced, too weak on non-cinnamon components like cardamom, ginger and the base tea itself.

The dry smell was strongly cinnamon-dominant, with only faint and ephemeral hints of other flavors, or of actual tea. This carried over into the taste of the liquid, although I could detect that there was some black tea here. Clearly, Stash either didn't incorporate enough good Assam, or used some other, much milder tea, that in turn got overwhelmed by the cinnamon in particular. They should simply re-title this and put it in a cinnamon-brown wrapper, and build a new chai from the ground up for that audience, using a robust Assam foundation in better proportion.

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