Tea: Jasmine Blossom Tea (Green Tea)

A Jasmine Tea from Stash Tea

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Brand:Stash Tea
Style:Jasmine Tea
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Review of Jasmine Blossom Tea (Green Tea)

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The aroma is honey-like, like pouchong tea more than the crisper green tea. Less jasmine in the aroma than some jasmines, but it's definitely present. Mellow and warm.

The flavor, however, is intense: remarkably sweet, but also with a biting bitterness (especially if you brew this one too long). I would recommend going easy on the brewing time. The teabag can be used for more than one infusion.

Very reasonably priced relative to how good it is. Not the best Jasmine though...but people who like very powerful, bold teas might enjoy this one: it has a lot more kick than most Jasmine green teas.

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