Tea: Jasmine Oolong

A Miscellaneous Blend from Ten Ren Tea

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Brand:Ten Ren Tea
Style:Miscellaneous Blend
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This was one of the first teas I tried from Ten Ren, and I enjoy it greatly. Richer and more full-bodied than most jasmine green teas, yet the Jasmine aroma is still strongly present. I think this blend works very well--it's hard to even recognize as a blend as the aromas blend so well. People who like jasmine tea but find pure jasmine green tea to be a bit too sharp may enjoy this one.

This tea can scald if you use water that's too hot. I suspect this is because it's a mix of Jasmine (green?) tea and the green tea scalds. At any rate, it's important to use water significantly below boiling.

Like other Ten Ren teabag teas, I find this tea offers excellent value, and is among my favorite of teas available in teabags.

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