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A White Tea from Teatulia - O Organic

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I found this tea to be delightfully unique; it's my favorite of Teatulia's teas. The delicate silvery leaves are deceptive: this tea produces a deep brown liquor. More like a Darjeeling white or green tea than any other white tea I have tried, but much richer and more full-bodied than any Darjeeling white teas I've tried. Very flavorful too, and oddly balanced. This tea has savory qualities, and is also quite sweet, with a little bit of sourness and a tiny hint of bitterness.

The aroma is strongly vegetal and floral, and subtly spicy, suggestive of asparagus and honeysuckle, with a faint peppery note. Very full-bodied.

I love darker white teas, but it's hard to find ones other than Shou Mei or Bai Mu Dan that are darker and more full-bodied. This one is a notable exception. People who like green and white Darjeeling teas but want something with more substance might really like this one. But I imagine it's not for everyone: its vegetal tones may be an acquired taste for a lot of people.

How to brew? Use less leaf than you think you'd need..."light" looking white teas like this one often require more volume of leaf, but this is a strong tea and you don't need to overdo it. I found a single longer brewing (8+ min.) to be optimal for my tastes; after that, the leaves are spent. People liking lighter white teas might happily make multiple infusions, however. About water temperature, normally these vegetal South Asian greens and whites are pretty unforgiving if the water is too hot, but I found you can inch the temperature up a little higher than you might expect for this one.

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