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The dry leaf has a very different appearance from other green teas I've tried, including both steamed and pan-fired teas. It makes me wonder if this tea is produced in a very different way.

The aroma is vegetal and deep, and spicy. This tea has a tangy quality. This tea resembles Thai- and Laos-grown green teas more than those from other regions, but it is more vegetal also resembles some Darjeeling greens.

I found this tea to be fairly weak the first time I brewed it. I don't think I used enough leaf. I recommend using much more leaf than you would expect. I also found that a single, longer brewing (5+ min) was best. I was unable to get multiple infusions out of this tea, after even a first short one, the second was very watery.

Teatulia's teas are certainly interesting, and very different from each other. But I wasn't crazy about this one. Their white tea, in my opinion, is outstanding, and it is similar to this one in many regards--vegetal, clear, and yet more full-bodied, and much more flavorful even when using considerably less leaf.

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