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Green Tea - Organic

Picture of Green Tea
Style:Green Tea
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This tea's info last updated: Jul. 7, 2010

Commercial Description

Full-Bodied, Earthy Pleasure. Feel vital and vibrant while taking in the earthy & grassy notes of Teatulia gardens.

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57 Aroma: 5/10 Flavor: 3/5 Value: 3/5
(338 reviews) on
The aroma of the broken green leaves in the teabag is, well, rather green! It is like a blend of fresh spinach, buttered greens (specifically buttered cauliflower) and a little like fresh collards. Brewing the tea I found it surprisingly brisk, almost like a black tea with its briskness, there are also notes of honey and hay along with grass and a touch of spinach.

The taste of this one was similar to the aroma, brisk and green, and a little on the bitter side. Bitter like eating fresh kale, in fact the taste reminds me of kale at the beginning of the sip and then it transitions pretty intensely to mown grass and honey. Sadly this tea did not wow me over much, though I cannot be expected to like every tea I drink, just most of them.

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47 Aroma: 4/10 Flavor: 3/5 Value: 3/5
(1317 reviews) on
The dry leaf has a very different appearance from other green teas I've tried, including both steamed and pan-fired teas. It makes me wonder if this tea is produced in a very different way.

The aroma is vegetal and deep, and spicy. This tea has a tangy quality. This tea resembles Thai- and Laos-grown green teas more than those from other regions, but it is more vegetal also resembles some Darjeeling greens.

I found this tea to be fairly weak the first time I brewed it. I don't think I used enough leaf. I recommend using much more leaf than you would expect. I also found that a single, longer brewing (5+ min) was best. I was unable to get multiple infusions out of this tea, after even a first short one, the second was very watery.

Teatulia's teas are certainly interesting, and very different from each other. But I wasn't crazy about this one. Their white tea, in my opinion, is outstanding, and it is similar to this one in many regards--vegetal, clear, and yet more full-bodied, and much more flavorful even when using considerably less leaf.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 2 reviews