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Lemongrass is lemongrass, and the difference- between various lemongrasses (for tea) that I've tried have been very subtle. That said, this is without a doubt the best lemongrass I've ever tried.

This isn't the most lemony version of this herb that I've had, but it has a smoothness that is hard to find. Lemongrass can tend to be on the harsh side, but this one has a roundness to the flavor that I find very welcoming. The aroma is lemony, with straw and a hint of honey. Much less astringency than Upton's lemongrass, which comes from Thailand. But still some astringency in the aftertaste.

The only downside is that this is very expensive as lemongrass goes. Is it worth paying more? It's up to you. I think the quality of this particular herbal tea is absolutely top-notch. And Teatulia offers an organic option, produced by a farmer-owned cooperative. In this case, I think that's worth it.

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