Tea: Neem Nectar

A Flavored Black Tea from Teatulia - O Organic

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Style:Flavored Black Tea
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The leaf looks just like black tea and the aroma is initially just like a particularly unremarkable black tea, but upon sipping the cup, wow, an explosion of flavor unlike anything I've had before.

It's hard to describe exactly what the neem is adding to this tea, because I've never tried anything from the neem tree on its own (or in any form) before, but this is unlike any other flavored black tea I've tried. Rather than imparting a specific aroma, it's more like the neem is adding a vibrancy to the tea, a sort of energy, or an intensity to the flavor. It's almost adding a tangy quality without adding sourness. Like the commercial description claims, I find that this cup is much more clear, refreshing, and confident than a typical cup of black tea. And yet it achieves this status while remaining simple and straightforward.

I really like it.

I would recommend this tea, in particular, to people who tend not to like flavored teas, and who just want a particularly bold cup of black tea. There are no overwhelming fruity, floral, or spicy aromas in this one...just...something different, an extra zing to it.

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