Review of Tulsi Tea Loose Leaf (Tulsi Infusion)

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This is interesting because it's so radically different from Organic India's blend of Tulsi and Black Tea that I almost wouldn't consider it the same style or in the same category.

The black tea used in this blend has some bite to it and is rather tannic. The aroma is deep and malty. The tea definitely dominates the tulsi, which definitely imparts certain qualities to the tea, but is in the background. Rather than creating a smooth cup (as in Organic India's blend), in this case, the tulsi seems to impart a spicy complexity to the aroma--which was absent in Teatulia's straight black tea. But it blends very well with the tea and it's impossible to tell where the holy basil starts and the tea ends.

I notice the characteristic basil and clove tones more in the finish than anywhere else. As with Teatulia's Neem Nectar, this tea has a zing to it, a sort of energy and vibrancy that I found missing in Teatulia's straight black tea.. I also want to note that as I drink the cup, the tulsi's qualities become more evident.

This was interesting for me to try, but I'm not sure it would become a regular favorite for me. I wish Teatulia offered a straight tulsi / holy basil infusion, not blended with tea, as I find tulsi can have a fair amount of diversity in flavor and aroma, and I'd be eager to try theirs in isolation. I also tend to prefer to drink it alone (in the evening) in contrast to in blends with tea. My other comment about this tea, is, like all of Teatulia's black teas, it seems to be a bit too tannic for me...almost tending towards the harsh side. Since tulsi produces such a smooth, mellow drink, I think they might do better to instead blend the tulsi with their white or green tea, or, if they are able, develop a lighter / smoother black tea to blend the tulsi with.

As is, this is certainly worth trying though. The one thing that I like the most about it is how it makes you feel after drinking a's a very balanced feeling. People who want a tea / tulsi blend with more strength might really like this one, especially if Organic India's blend is too mellow for them.

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