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An Earl Grey Tea from Teatulia - O Organic

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Style:Earl Grey Tea
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The loose leaf is larger and lighter gray than any of Teatulia's other black teas. The aroma of the dry leaf is strongly of bergamot, but it is a deep, complex aroma.

I brewed this tea for two minutes using one teaspoon per cup. This produced a bold, strong cup of tea that I think is a classic Earl Grey: very balanced and almost a prototypical example of this style. This is a high-quality, English-style Earl Grey with a moderate bergamot profile, a fair amount of strength, and a classic flavor (or should I say flavour?). The colour of the cup is a deep reddish brown.

Fairly bitter, and a little astringency but not overly tannic. Pleasant and refreshing to drink. I have not yet tried this iced but something tells me that this might just make an outstanding iced tea too...so I may try that soon, and if I do, I'll post an update.

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