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I found this review that I had written where I didn't have internet access--in the Madison, WI airport, and just entered it now.

This dragonwell has a broken leaf, but the classic dragonwell shape is recognizable. In spite of looking like a lower grade of this tea, this batch is considerably tastier than a lot of whole-leaf tea I've sold as dragonwell.

Very clear golden cup. Aroma atypical for a dragonwell, but nonetheless with some of the characteristic tones: chestnut is particularly dominant, less grassy. Heavily vegetal, however...a lot like cooked broccoli.

Full-bodied...astringent aftertaste, with some bitterness, but without being overwhelmingly bitter or astringent.

Unusually good for tea in an airport. And interesting, in that it was different from anything I have tried before. This is definitely not on par with the higher grades of dragon well tea that I've tried, but it was very good for its low price. The vegetal qualities in the aroma were interesting but bordered on "off" aromas. It could have tasted fresher, but it was worth trying and certainly enjoyable, especially while waiting for a plane. Very inexpensive if you buy it loose.

This is probably the cheapest dragon well I've seen that was actually good and worth drinking. I've seen green teas, including dragon well, sold for much higher prices that were not anywhere near as good as this one.

I'm impressed, and I'd be curious to try more teas from Ancora Coffee...and I'd point tea lovers in their direction, especially if they're in the Madison airport and want a freshly-brewed cup of loose-leaf tea.

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