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An Herbal Tea from Teatulia - O Organic

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Style:Herbal Tea
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This is not pure ginger root but rather, a blend of ginger and Vasaka leaf.

I find this herbal tea to be very strongly bitter...I'm almost positive it's from the Vasaka leaf. The bitterness is overpowering. There's not much aroma, just a little from the ginger, but it's the weaker aroma of powdered dry ginger, not the aroma that I like, of the fresh root. I did not encounter any of the pleasant bite, the crispness and freshness that ginger root usually imparts to an herbal infusion.

I can't imagine thinking of this as anything but a medicinal tea. I tend to enjoy bitter foods, but this is too extreme for me. It is significantly more bitter than drinking straight tonic water (something I enjoy on occasion). It's very similar in flavor to tonic water, actually, and it leaves a similar taste in your mouth.

I was disappointed by this one, especially after being so impressed with Teatulia's other herbal tea--their lemongrass, which I found to be among the best lemongrass for tea that I've ever tried.

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