Tea: Victory Tea

An Herbal Tea from Native American Tea Company

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Brand:Native American Tea Company
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Victory Tea

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I tried this tea a second time and I found it had grown on me substantially

This tea combines wild cherry bark with a number of other more familiar "western" ingredients. This tea is fairly sour, probably because of the presence of the hibiscus, which I could do without...but besides that I like it. It is much less sour than other hibiscus-dominated blends.

It has a fruity quality to it, but the fruitiness is hard to pinpoint. The spearmint is noticeable, but the other aromas tend to blend together into a rich, warm background.

Well-executed, and I would certainly prefer it to a number of offerings from Celestial Seasonings and other mainstream brands.

I like how cherry bark is the main ingredient; it gives somewhat of a different flavor overall, even if there are different ingredients in the background.

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