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A Jasmine Tea from Boston Tea Company

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Brand:Boston Tea Company
Style:Jasmine Tea
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It's a little unclear from reading the commercial description how this tea is produced. The description describes the traditional process, but the ingredients list "natural flavor" rather than by using the traditional scenting method. Based on the aroma of the dry leaf, it seems like the "natural flavor" method instead. The aroma is strong, but overly sweet and a bit flat. It lacks the sharpness that traditionally-scented Jasmine has.

The underlying base tea is noticeable as a chun mee (which is interesting, because it's one of my favorite styles of green tea, but I have not had it used in Jasmine tea before). The chun mee offers a contrast to the Jasmine, but I wouldn't say the two aromas blend well. Where the Jasmine is floral and suggesting of sweetness, the chun mee is cool and crisp. Thankfully, this particular chun mee is less smoky.

The overall character of this tea, if you brew it properly, is very smooth, with little bitterness and a slight sweetness. I found the best way to brew this tea was a single short (1-2 min.) infusion with 180 degree water. Be careful not to use warmer water. Longer steeping brings out aspects of the base tea that I find do not blend well with the Jasmine.

Some people may enjoy this tea as it is significantly gentler than some Chinese jasmines (none of the sharp, biting quality that many Jasmines have), but I found it lacking in complexity and a bit mismatched aroma-wise. So far, I have been much more impressed with the black teas that have come from the Boston Tea company.

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