Tea: Jasmine Petal

A Jasmine Tea from Two Leaves and a Bud

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Brand:Two Leaves and a Bud
Style:Jasmine Tea
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Review of Jasmine Petal

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Mellow and much less floral than most Jasmines; the tea dominates the aroma. There is little bitterness, almost no astringency, and and a hint of sweetness.

This tea holds up very well to multiple infusions: the second cup was just as flavorful as the first, and a third was still good. There's almost no Jasmine left in the aroma after the first cup, however; it's just like drinking a decent green tea. If you let it steep for a long time, it acquires a pleasant bitterness.

Not cheap, but the teabag contains a generous amount of loose leaf, and considering how it's good for several cups, you do get a bit more for your money.

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