Review of Golden Chai™ - Spiced Assam Black Tea

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Surprisingly weak given that this contains Assam black tea as the main ingredient. I brewed this in a small 6 oz. cup, for 3 minutes, with boiling water, and it still came out fairly weak (and a golden color, not a rich brown color like most black teas). My impression is either that less tea was used, or that a gentler, lighter Assam tea was that has been bowled over by the strong presence of spices.

I also found the aroma of this tea a bit confusing given the ingredient list. It really smells like there is some clove in here, but none is listed. I don't notice as much cinnamon, even though cinnamon is the main ingredient. Cardamom is also listed, but I don't notice it as much. The ginger is muted--none of the ginger kick like fresh ginger adds.

Overall, this was not bad, and was pleasing to drink, but it was not anything like what I was expecting. It was also a disappointment when compared to Numi's other teas, which have been consistently higher quality than I felt this one was.

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