Review of Country Peach Passion® Herbal Tea

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This is my favorite fruity tea from Celestial Seasonings; most of them are too sour for me. It has an intoxicating peach aroma, which might strike one as a bit artificial except that it is backed up with the depth of other herbs, giving this blend a full body and a balanced character.

One thing I like about this blend is the complete absence of any spices: rather, the peach flavor is added to a base of herbs and fruits. Just the right amount of Chamomile too.

Unlike some other herbal teas that have hibiscus and added citric acid, I have never felt this blend to be too sour. I'm always surprised that this herbal tea isn't as popular or widely available as some of the others that Celestial seasonings makes; I think it's very balanced and easy to enjoy.

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