Review of Tamayokucha

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This is the only example of guricha or tamaryokucha that I've tried, so I have no idea how typical it is. It seemed a lot more like gyokuro than any other type of green tea.

I find this tea painstakingly difficult to brew in a way I like. Brewing with a very low temperature is essential...otherwise this tea acquires a strange aroma that is hard to describe but which I find to be quite's a bit like spoiled or overcooked vegetables. Even when brewed with low-temperature water, however, this tea has some strange tones in the aroma that I am not a big fan of.

I find the commercial description to be way is tangy with an odd edge to it, almost salty tasting. It's a bit thin, and has a mostly vegetal aroma, and with none of the grassy tones characteristic of many green teas. I wouldn't describe it as full or complex. It is enjoyable, but it also has a number of objectionable qualities, and I tend to prefer Two Leaves and a Bud's other offerings.

I recommend steeping with water that is about 140-160F, and letting it steep for a very long time (10+ min).

Even then, I don't like this tea all that much. In terms of Two Leaves and a Bud's other offerings, I prefer their white teas and black teas. I think their green teas are more of a weak point.

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