Tea: Golden Peach Tea

A Fruit Black Tea from St. Dalfour - O Organic

Picture of Golden Peach Tea
Brand:St. Dalfour
Style:Fruit Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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Review of Golden Peach Tea

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Thanks to my friend Sparky for providing this one. I didn't know what to expect of this tea. Unlike many American fruit-flavored teas, this tea is very subtle; the fruitiness is not overdone and blends well with the base tea. The base tea is quite weak for a Ceylon, but is also smooth. The fruitiness has a little depth to it...more than the fleeting, ethereal fruitiness of some teas made with natural flavor extracts.

I found the brewing instructions to be way off. I brewed for 4 minutes, in a single small cup, and it was still weak. The teabag doesn't seem to allow diffusion very well.

Overall, this was very good for a tea bag, and is definitely a notch above the mainstream American brands, but it's still fannings in a tea bag and tastes accordingly. Reasonably priced.

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