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A Pure Chamomile Tea from Two Leaves and a Bud - O Organic

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Brand:Two Leaves and a Bud
Style:Pure Chamomile Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Chamomile

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Less fruity and a little more grass or straw in the aroma when compared to other chamomile teas. A tiny bit of sourness in the aftertaste, but otherwise clean and fresh tasting. Definitely one of the better chamomile teas I've tried. Full-bodied and rich.

A bit on the expensive side, but not too unreasonable given that the bag contains generous amounts of chamomile.

Keep in mind if you're used to brewing chamomile tea with a basic tea bag, there's a lot of chamomile in these sachets, and it can easily make a cup that is too strong and a bit overwhelming if you brew it in a smaller cup or mug. I find the sachet works well for a giant-sized (16-20) ounce mug, or for making two servings for regular-sized cups.

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