Tea: Sencha Superior

A Sencha from Rishi Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Rishi Tea
Region:Shizuoka, Japan
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Review of Sencha Superior

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Brews a clear golden color, less opaque than most Sencha. Aroma seaweedy and vegetal, and only slightly grassy. Relatively smooth flavor, with a little astringency and bitterness. Overall this is a very typical sencha. Nothing about it stands out.

Rishi's brewing instructions result in a cup that on the weak side for my taste. I often prefer making multiple infusions with Sencha, but in order to do that with this tea, I found that much more leaf was needed than what Rishi recommends. With a single 3-minute infusion, most of the aroma is lost in the first infusion. A second infusion of 5 minutes yielded a golden cup that was very bland, with a slight astringency and mild but unpleasant sourness. I discarded this brewing attempt as it was not pleasing to drink.

Disappointing. This is a pricey tea, and yet is neither organic nor fair-trade certified like most of Rishi's offerings. The price is approaching that of some really top-notch Sencha's I've sampled, and yet the quality strikes me as average; I would thus say this tea is quite overpriced.

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