Review of Imperial Dragonwell (Long Jing)

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The liqueur is a deep amber tone. There are a couple of leaves left in the cup. There is a smell of cooked grass, sort of like leeks, and a soft hint of caramel in the smell.

This doesn’t seem to be a super complex set of tones to this tea. That doesn’t make this a bad tea though, it is just a sort of basic tea.

The tea has a warm flavor to it. The feeling of baking is in the flavor of tea. It tastes of an oven, just after you have pulled bread out of it. There is also a hint of jasmine and rosemary. There is also a hint of sweet grass, sort of like someone lightly glazed the grass with honey. I really do love the taste of this tea. It is straight forward and simple, light, but not so light that I can’t taste the flavors. It is a nice balance for a green tea.

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