Tea: Jasmine Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Tradition

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Style:Jasmine Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Very strong floral aroma to the dry leaf. The cup brews a deep golden color, and its aroma is much more subtle than that of the dry leaf. Smooth flavor. Overall character is mellow, deep, but with a metallic aftertaste.

I made three infusions, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and much longer for the last. The aroma was highly persistent through the first two infusions, which gave me hope that this tea would hold out for a third. But the third infusion was basically aroma-less and flavorless.

A good jasmine tea, above average, but this failed to wow me the way the other two of Tradition's loose offerings did. This has the depth and smoothness of flavor of some higher-quality Jasmines though, and it is certainly a step up from a lot of loose-leaf jasmine I've tried. Reasonably priced, but, unlike the two oolongs, I wouldn't quite say this is a steal. It's just a very good price.

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