Review of Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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I tend to like Ceylon greens and I also like the typical Moroccan mint blends, so I was optimistic about this one. But this tea uses peppermint rather than spearmint.

Although the peppermint aroma is toned down relative to a pure peppermint herbal tea, peppermint still dominates the aroma. The underlying base tea is smooth and subtle, which makes it really hard to detect or uncover the tea beneath the mint. I mainly detect the tea in a rather tangy, slightly bitter taste that peppermint alone never has.

Also, there's an unpleasant quality to the aroma that I strongly dislike: it is faint, but suggests rubber, something I don't associate with food or drink.

The instructions said to brew for 2 minutes. I found the tea to be too weak, following these instructions.

I did not like this tea, but I remain open-minded about Dilmah. I tend not to like blends of peppermint with green tea, so it could be that this is a perfectly good blend but just in a style that I do not enjoy. To their credit, I think they used a relatively high-quality base tea.

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