Tontin Oolong Tea

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Brand:Gold Kili
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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This tea's info last updated: Oct. 25, 2014

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Reviewer pic53 Aroma: 5/10 Flavor: 3/5 Value: 4/5
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It should be noted right off the bat that I am not a connoisseur of oolong. I enjoy it, but there's not a lot of sophistication in my tea-drinking; I don't know a lot about different regional varieties, different methods of preparation, and so on.

Which perhaps makes this variety somewhat fitting for me. I bought it at my local Chinese grocery because it was cheap; this brand mass-produces a few basic varieties of tea which make their way into the lower-end sections of groceries and convenience stores. Its tea line is not unlike an Asian version of Lipton, except for the fact that it has a lot more competitors.

Taste-wise, you know you're getting what you paid for, but it's not bad. I definitely notice a strand of bitterness running through the flavor sometimes, especially if the tea is steeped for a while (I tend to keep steeping tea as I drink because I like it quite strong), but it's not especially disruptive. This particular variety reminds me a lot of straight black tea. I wouldn't refuse to buy it again, but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it either.

So far as low-end Asian supermarket teas go, this one is perhaps average to slightly above average. Below average if the store you're attending is a little higher-end.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review

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