Maia Lemoniou

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Brand:Handmade Tea
Style:Lemon Black Tea
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This tea's info last updated: May. 24, 2014

Commercial Description

...two black teas and glazed lemon peel. The 50/50 blended tea base is made up of a sweet rolled Assam black tea with hints of fresh berries and a bright citrusy black tea from Sri Lanka that's lightly astringent. Glazed lemon peel is the final blend ingredient. The glazed aspect of the lemon peel makes the overall tea sweeter than when regular dried lemon peel is used.

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Reviewer pic70 Aroma: 7/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 3/5
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This was my first month of Handmade Tea. I could barely smell and taste the lemon, but I still like this tea. I added a little sugar and I liked the result. I thought this tea had a lovely mild flavor. I’m going to try this as a cold brew later. I may add a little extra lemon and see how that goes.
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