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I was very impressed by this tea. The only other hoji-cha I've tried was from YamaMotoYama, and I enjoyed it. But, this had a more toasty, well-rounded scent to it. The leaves differed more in their shape and appearance, which made it look more natural. The tea also had a more nuanced flavor.

It wasn't that expensive. But, Maeda-en tends to sell things in different amounts than one might expect, so pay attention to that when trying to understand how expensive this is. For example, the kuki-cha I got from them was 150g, but this was 80g. I'm not sure why they'd measure things out so differently. But, it's something to know before making an order. The images of bags look very similar in size online, so don't be misled by that. They are very different in size.

I brewed the tea with 85ÂșC water (which was an average of the high and low of the range listed on the bag), I used 2 tsp of tea per 110ml of water. For the first cup, I brewed it for about 20s, I kept it similar for the second cup 20-25s, then a bit longer for the third. It kept its flavor well. It was delicious and relaxing. It was the perfect tea for a cool day. It's the kind of thing that I could imagine on a peaceful evening in front of the fireplace, in the cool end of autumn or the winter, with snow falling outside. The notes in this tea warm you up in a very different way than spicy food or cinnamon might. It's not like drinking a cup of campfire, like the smokier lapsang souchong. It's more sweet and subtle than that. It's like drinking the mood of warmth. That's the best way I have to explain it.

I'd highly recommend this if you're looking for a delicious, but inexpensive tea to warm you up in cool weather.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review