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Brand:Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd
Style:Green and Black Tea Blend
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This tea was blended originally in 1996 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, though I don't think CBC markets it directly. Murchie's website touts, "choice Ceylon and China black teas, Jasmine and other green teas with a touch of citrus".

Another in a remarkably large selection of green/black mixtures from Murchie's, CBC Radio Blend stands up well to all the rest by comparison, and is fine on its own. They appear to have mastered the difficult art of green/black blending, and it shows here. As with most (not all!) of their green/black selections, part of the green tea used is jasmine-infused. That element shows up nicely in the dry-bag and in-cup aromas.

The website states that, in addition to jasmine, the tea sports "a touch of citrus". I don't detect that in the aroma or direct flavor, but maybe my tongue is a bit unrefined and crude (as people have told me for unrelated reasons). However, I absolutely detect a lemon-orange essence in the aftertaste, of all things. It's pleasant, and I wish I could pick it up more in the flavor, which is solidly jasmine-dominated. A better balance of jasmine and the same citrus as in the aftertaste would be rather alluring to drink. Even as it stands, this is a wonderful green-black blend if you like jasmine. Others with better-refined tasting skills may appreciate it even more.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review