Festive Breakfast (Teabags)

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Brand:Whittard of Chelsea
Style:English Breakfast

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Reviewer pic74 Aroma: 8/10 Flavor: 4/5 Value: 4/5
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Whittard has a single-sourced English Breakfast by name (from West Java), and an entirely different tea more of the traditional EB style—this one—composed of Ceylon and Kenya teas. Unlike the named EB, I couldn't find Festive Breakfast on Whittard's website, but instead, got it as part of a gift assortment.

For a mass-produced teabag, it's a worthy member of the genre. The dry aroma stood out, and was clean, straightforward, unpretentious, and fresh as a black-tea with a hint of sweetness. The flavor also is clean, sharp and unambiguous, especially if consumed while still hot. There's a little bit of a roasted (but not smoky) character to it that gives it some personality. It brews up dark quickly, with the bottom of the cup not visible unless poured into one of those dainty little formal cups. ["Dainty" and "formal" ain't the way I roll. :-)] That said, it seems to be a good tea for those who like to sip, as well as the chugger.

Take care if using this for iced tea, however; it can tilt rather bitter when allowed to sit and cool. The wet-bag aroma is pleasantly clean and upbeat as well, despite not having any floral, spicy nor fruity elements.
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Page 1 of 1 page with 1 review