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Plymouth Tea Company – CLOSED

Last Updated: Mar. 3, 2015

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Plymouth Tea Company was a tea company based in West Chatham, MA (on cape cod), founded in 1995. Plymouth Tea sold its teas through its website. As of 2015, the company was closed, with their website redirecting to the company Virtuous Teas.

Plymouth carried a large selection of black, green, flavored, and oolong teas, including some single-estate Indian and Ceylon teas. It also carried a few white teas and chais (spiced teas). A few of its teas were certified organic. Their website also sold a few teapots, infusers, and other tea accessories.

Teas From Plymouth Tea Company

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Picture of Russian Breakfast Blend

Russian Breakfast Blend

Style:Black and White Blend
Picture of Ceylon Silver Tip Supreme FOP

Ceylon Silver Tip Supreme FOP

Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
Picture of Keemun Hao Ya A 2009

Keemun Hao Ya A 2009

Style:Keemun Hao Ya A

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