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Last Updated: Mar. 1, 2020

About Tee-Zwanck

Tee-Zwanck is a German tea company, named for its founder Ernst Zwanck. The company dates back to 1796, and is based in Hamburg. The company has a physical store, and also sells tea online.

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Mr Bamsen
(176 reviews)
80 / 100
Picture of Rhabarber-Sahne-Tee (Nr. 534)

Rhabarber-Sahne-Tee (Nr. 534)

Style: Fruit Black Tea – Region: Blend
Mar. 4th, 2020

Tee-Zwanck Rhabarber-Sahne (Nr. 534)

Half-litre pot at home, made from curly dark brown and black tea leaves mixed with small pieces of dried rhubarb. Pours clear orangeish amber with no sediment. Clear aroma of caramel, orange peel and black tea, with notes of rhubarb. Bitterish taste of black tea leaves, with so...

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Rhabarber-Sahne-Tee (Nr. 534)

Style:Fruit Black Tea
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