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Three Cranes and Six Forts

Last Updated: Feb. 16, 2018

About Three Cranes and Six Forts

Three Cranes and Six Forts(三鹤六堡 or Sān hè liù bǎo) is a brand of Liu Bao Basket Tea, a dark tea produced in Guangxi. Their factory is located in Wuzhou.

On RateTea, we list this tea as its own brand, and we may also list teas produced in this factory under other brands. Generation tea is one company selling this factory's teas.

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Picture of Liu Bao Tea Cake 100g

Liu Bao Tea Cake 100g

Style: Dark Tea – Region: Guangxi, China
Apr. 18th, 2018

I had some very bad results with this tea, I'm sorry to say. It made me feel as if I'd been poisoned. The cake itself didn't smell too bad, it actually had a decent scent to it — like pu-erh, but different in a way. I wasn't sure if the scent was sweet in the way that some pu-erh can mature into having a sweet, sugar...

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Liu Bao Tea Cake 100g

Style:Dark Tea
Region:Guangxi, China
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