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Xiaguan Tea Factory

Last Updated: May. 20, 2014

About Xiaguan Tea Factory

Xiaguan Tea Factory is a tea factory located in Dali city in Yunnan, China, founded in 1941 and producing Pu-erh tea, compressed in bowl (tuocha) and disc (bingcha) shapes.

Xiaguan produces both raw (sheng) and ripened (shou) Pu-erh tea.

The Xiaguan factory includes several labels, which can be viewed as separate brands, but which we classify as different lines of tea under this factory's brand. Some, but not all, of these brands include the "Xiaguan" name written in English and/or Chinese. The brands include Song He (English - White Crane) (松鹤), Bao Yan (Holy Flame), Nan Zhao (Southern Edict) (南诏) , and Big G (Factory) label.

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