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About Mexico

Mexico is a country in North America, just south of the United States of America. The climate in Mexico is diverse, ranging from the extremely arid Sonoran desert in the northwest of the country, to very humid tropical rainforests in the southeast.

Much of Mexico has a seasonal pattern of precipitation. In the northwest, Tijuana picks up the southernmost remainder of the pacific west coast's wet-winter/dry-summer pattern, whereas the coast farther south, near Acupulco, has the opposite pattern, with wet summers and dry winters. This pattern extends over much of the inland areas, in a pattern called the North American monsoon--similar, but not as pronounced as the south Asian monsoon affecting India and China.

Mexico does not grow tea, but it grows a number of herbs used in herbal teas. Mexico likely has some areas suitable for growing tea, as nearby Guatemala, a small country bordering Mexico to the southeast, produces some tea.

Styles of Tea Produced in Mexico

This is a selection, not an exhaustive listing, of the styles of tea most commonly produced in Mexico.

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