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Yongchun, Fujian, China

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Updated: Mar. 23, 2012 

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About Yongchun, Fujian, China

Yongchun(永春), often written Yong Chun, is a county in Fujian province of China. Yongchun is located in Quanzhou(泉州) prefecture-level city, highlighted on the map in the lighter green color. The western part of Yongchun is bordered to the south by Anxi county, a key region in oolong tea production.

Yongchun is best known for producing fo shou (Buddha's palm) oolong. According to TeaSpring, the fo shou cultivar was brought from Anxi to Yongchun somewhere around 960-1127 AD, by a zen master.[1]


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Styles of Tea Produced in Yongchun, Fujian, China

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Picture of Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong Superior Grade

Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong Superior Grade

Brand:Life in Teacup
Style:Fo Shou Oolong
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