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Last Updated: Aug. 3, 2017 

About Fo Shou Oolong

Fo Shou (Buddha's Palm) Oolong Tea, Loose-Leaf, © Iateasquirrel (Wikipedia), CC BY-SA 3.0.
Fo Shou(佛手), meaning Buddha's hand, and often translated Buddha's palm, is a type of se chung oolong from Fujian province of China. This style is sometimes called bergamot oolong, referencing a slight resemblence of its aroma to bergamot, although it is not scented with bergamot oil like Earl Grey tea.

Pale green tea in a cup, and used green oolong tea leaves
Yongchun Fo Shou
from Life in Teacup
Fo Shou is produced in Yongchun county, and this tea is called Yong Chun Fo Shou(永春佛手). Fo Shou is also produced in the Wuyi mountains. Like most other oolong varieties, the wuyi versions of this tea tend to have a longer, twisted shape and are usually darker.

Rarely, the plants used to make this oolong have also been used to produce a black tea, in nearby Anxi county.

Fo shou is distinct from Jin Fo(金佛) or golden Buddha, a different (and newer) variety of oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains in Fujian.

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43 / 100
Picture of China Oolong Buddha's Palm

The aroma is potent, a little too potent for my liking. Like old orchids mixed with malt and a touch of smoke. Once steeped the aroma is like tobacco and pine mixed with smoke.

The taste is like a humidor, bitter and piney with too much tobacco taste. On a second steep the taste is better with more sweetness and le...

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88 / 100
Picture of Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong Superior Grade

The dry leaf is strongly aromatic and has a strange, different aroma--considerably sharper than most greener oolongs.

After brewing the first cup, I notice a mildly soapy aroma, but this completely vanishes upon drinking it. The aroma is very complex, with spicy, herbaceous tones, reminiscent of a weedy thicket in ...

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Most-Rated Fo Shou Oolong

Picture of Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong Superior Grade

Yongchun Fo Shou (Bergamot) Oolong Superior Grade

Brand:Life in Teacup
Style:Fo Shou Oolong
Region:Yongchun, Fujian, China
1 Rating
Picture of China Oolong Buddha's Palm

China Oolong Buddha's Palm

Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Fo Shou Oolong
1 Rating

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