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A Gyokuro from Upton Tea Imports - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Upton Tea Imports
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I was eager to try this one to see what a better Chinese attempt at gyokuro could produce, and I must say, this tea impressed me a fair amount, and was definitely worth trying.

Dry leaf has a pleasing aroma of a typical, good Japanese green tea. Bold green color.

I brewed this with a lower temperature, 160, typical for Gyokuro, not 180 as Upton recommends. It produced a golden cup.

Less vegetal than most gyokuro I've had, and than most sencha, but otherwise, aroma is mostly sencha-like: grassy, and slightly toasty. Flavor is surprisingly bitter, but in a pleasing way: it is a deep bitterness, not as much brisk or sharp. Moderately astringent aftertaste, but pleasingly so. Fairly strong umami or savory flavor as well, without being too sour.

I enjoyed this tea very much. Like Upton says, it is not really comparable with high-quality Japanese Gyokuro. However, I found this a highly enjoyable tea and I think Upton has chosen it well. It is surprisingly affordable too for a tea of this style and quality, although, I think when the chips are down, I'd rather spend my money on Chinese styles of green tea when I buy tea produced in China. I will note, though, that I liked how this tea made me feel after drinking it.

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