Review of South African Green Rooibos (Red Bush) Superior

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Green rooibos is one of my all-time favorite herbal teas. Upton's offering is very similar to other sources of this herb, but I find theirs has a slightly greener character, and is among the most reasonably priced, and for both of these reasons, it is my green rooibos of choice. I drink this particular offering from Upton in quantity.

Almost like lemongrass without the lemon; grassy but in a very different way from the grassier green teas. Fresh, clean, light, and crisp. Just a hint of pleasant bitterness. Green-tea-like in certain ways, but not in others.

This has quickly become one of my favorite herbal teas and I strongly prefer it to red rooibos...all the mildly objectionable tones in the aroma of red rooibos I find are absent in this tea.

This blend would be an outstanding option for people who like green tea but want something caffeine free, or for people who want to drink rooibos for medicinal purposes but aren't crazy about the flavor. I especially like drinking it when I have a cold. But I like it just on its own, for its flavor.

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