Tea: Lemon Verbena

A Lemon Verbena from ANC Educational Farm

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Lemon Verbena
Brand:ANC Educational Farm
Style:Lemon Verbena
Region:Pennsylvania, United States
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Lemon Verbena

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Wow. And I thought I'd tried lemon verbena before. This is the first herbal tea that I've given a perfect rating, and only my second perfect rating.

This whole-leaf lemon verbena from the ANC Farm is better than anything I've tried fresh or dried. This is to lemon verbena what a high grade Jade Oolong or Tie Guan Yin is to tea.

Creamy smoothness. No bitterness, nor any astringency. Aroma of lemon and gingerbread. A molasses-like sweetness pervades. Leaves a sweet lemon taste on the palate, almost candy-like. Yet the cup is full-bodied and warming. Rarely am I so thoroughly impressed with an herb.


If brewing in a single infusion, I recommend steeping for a long time (10-15 min.) for best results. The whole leaves are slow to infuse. I also tried making multiple infusions in a gaiwan, with good results. Tones of nutmeg came out in some of these infusions, that I did not notice when brewing all at once.

You can pick this up in the Bryn Athyn thrift shop in Bryn Athyn, PA, when it's available. "Read Full Review" will take you to my blog post, with pictures, of making multiple infusions of this herb.

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