Tea: Yunnan Gold (Golden Yunnan)

A Yunnan Gold from Adagio Teas

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Brand:Adagio Teas
Style:Yunnan Gold
Region:Yunnan, China
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Review of Yunnan Gold (Golden Yunnan)

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This tea is mostly golden buds, and it is very similar to the other tea I've sampled that looks most similar to it in appearance, which was Life in Teacup's Yunnan Golden Bud. Smooth and peppery. Compared to that tea, this one has a softer peppery quality. Both teas are slightly Keemun-like.

Requires a long brewing time to bring out the flavor, and does not become too bitter even with a 5 minute or longer infusion.

Aroma is immediately distinct as a black tea from Yunnan...fruity, somewhat malty, very fruity. Not as fruity as the dry leaf suggests. Flavor is extremely smooth...no initial bite, bitterness, or edge. Rather, a tannic quality comes through in the middle of the sip, but dissolves into a clean aftertaste.

More so than other Yunnan gold teas, I found that the taste in the middle of the sip more closely resembled other strong teas, but this taste also vanished rather quickly.

This tea is reasonably priced among other teas of its class, these pure golden Yunnan teas. Still, I find I actually prefer the darker Yunnan teas, which tend to be less expensive, have more bite up-front, and have no less complex of an aroma.

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