Review of Organic English Breakfast

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This tea was interesting to me as it is pure Keemun, and not a blend of different teas, or predominately Ceylon possibly with some Assam, the way a lot of English breakfast blends nowadays are. I don't know much about the history of tea so I can't say much about the authenticity of this tea.

I will say, compared to other Keemuns, this tea was a lot more like a typical, classic English breakfast. But it seemed a lot less malty than the average English Breakfast, and to have more of that fruity quality that characterizes Keemun.

Still though? I did not like this as much as most Keemun that is sold as Keemun, nor did I like it as much as most of the mainstream English Breakfast teas. It was smoother, which I liked, but it has less kick, and it had less of that deep and pleasing dried-fruit or wine-like quality that I like in Keemun.

Seems pricey for what it is.

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