Tea: Black Pearl Tea

A Ceylon Black Tea from Lipton Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Black Pearl Tea
Brand:Lipton Tea
Style:Ceylon Black Tea
Region:Sri Lanka / Ceylon
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Review of Black Pearl Tea

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Taking garbage out of a plastic can and putting it into a golden can doesn't increase the value of the garbage. Lipton's attempt at polishing trash isn't fooling anyone.

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debbie wrote:
on June 18th, 2017

Totally disagree with this comment. Love Black Pearl and trying to find it again. Seems Lipton is not supplying it anymore, we are desperately looking for it or a good replacement

Alex Zorach wrote:
on June 18th, 2017

To my knowledge, black pearl has been discontinued by Lipton; all online retailers show it as out-of-stock. Unfortunately, Lipton isn't very forthcoming or clear about explaining that the tea has been discontinued...instead of putting a commentary up on the product page, they just deleted the product page, and removed any mention of the product on their website (both their internal search and a Google search show nothing).

In my opinion, they're shooting themselves in the foot by giving up such a common-sense business opportunity...a lot would be gained and little lost by keeping their product page up and recommending fans of the discontinued tea to try something else in their offerings.

Among Lipton, you might want to try their Stirring Ceylon...it's probably the closest I've been able to find of what they currently sell. I haven't tried it, and it has no reviews on our site, possibly because it's a very new product, but it looks like it might be their intended replacement for the Black Pearl tea.

I also would strongly recommend checking out other companies. Lipton is primarily in the business of low-quality, mass-market tea bags. Black Pearl tea was a product clearly oriented more towards lovers of single-origin artisan teas.

If you're willing to explore loose teas (it's easy if you buy a tea infuser), you might do well to try some Ceylon black teas from companies that specialize in loose-leaf tea. The best I've tried are from Teakruthi, a new company that direct-ships from Sri Lanka. They are high-end, not cheap, but I think worth the price. For more reasonably-priced offerings, I've recently tried good Ceylon teas from many companies, including Harney & Sons, Adagio Tea (their Ceylon sonata is surprisingly good), Murchie's, Upton Tea Imports, Mighty Leaf, and many others.

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