Tea: Bai Hao Premium

An Oriental Beauty from Rishi Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Bai Hao Premium
Brand:Rishi Tea
Style:Oriental Beauty
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Bai Hao Premium

7 of 104 of 52 of 567 of 100
Very GoodGoodOverpriced

I'm normally not a fan of this style of tea, but this one was my favorite yet, probably because it was atypical. Like many of Rishi's teas, this one ventured out into a bit edgier, bolder territory of flavor and aroma that I found to be more interesting and enjoyable.

Brews a darker-than-normal color. Aroma is similar to other teas of this style, but with a noticeable skunky quality.

Very pricey, however. I found this tea interesting as a tea, but I don't think it offers good value to someone with my tastes. This may be my favorite Bai Hao / Oriental Beauty oolong yet, but I still prefer a number of other of Rishi's offerings, or oolongs of other styles from any number of other tea companies.

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