Review of Green Tea with Jasmine Tea Bags

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This is my favorite bagged jasmine tea. The green tea provides a solid base, and the jasmine adds complexity to the flavor. Still, it's not a subtle tea, and feels like what an English green tea should be: forthright.

The tea has a slight bitter aftertaste, but it is not unpleasant if the tea is steeped briefly. The tea may be used 2-3 times without significant loss of flavor, and in fact is somewhat better on the second steeping.

The color is relatively light, but quickly becomes dark if oversteeped. It serves as a useful gauge for strength.

The aroma is pleasant, though the jasmine elements are a tad strong, and it evokes a "calming jasmine tea". The best jasmine teas tend to have a fresher or airier odor (in my opinion), and this one does not quite achieve that level.

As far as bagged teas go, this is one of my favorites. The only way to describe the experience of drinking it is bracingly relaxing. It leaves me feeling alert yet relaxed, and makes for a very pleasant tea experience at any time of day.

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