Tea: Pouchong

A Pouchong Tea from Adagio Teas

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Brand:Adagio Teas
Style:Pouchong Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Pouchong

4 of 102 of 52 of 543 of 100

Aroma light, vegetal, honey-like, and floral, but unfortunately, also a bit soapy. My main complaint is that this tea is so bland!

Flavor is extremely mild; a hint of sweetness, no bitterness, and absolutely no astringency whatsoever. Very clean aftertaste. More aromatic than flavorful. Although all pouchongs tend to be light, this one is a bit too thin-bodied.

This is a pricey tea and for this price I expect the highest quality and a little stronger of an aroma. I had to use more leaf than recommended to brew to my satisfaction, and that made the price prohibitive. Also, there are good alternatives. Ten Ren's Pouchong 3rd-grade, is less than half the price of this tea, and it is similar, but quite a bit more powerful.

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